What To Expect When Entering A Program For Drug And Alcohol Treatment In Arizona

The idea of breaking free from a stronghold related to drugs and alcohol fills a person with fear, let alone the anxiety they experience when entertaining the notion of enrolling in a treatment program. One of the best ways to overcome this worry is to gain an understanding of what to expect, as it prevents a person from feeling overwhelmed during the various phases associated with enrollment. While the following isn’t’ an exhaustive listing, it does provide a brief glimpse into what a person should expect when entering rehab.

Initial Enrollment Intake

The fists step is to meet with an enrollment specialist, as they will make arrangements to ensure that a person’s care is paid for, so they may focus on their treatment and break free from drugs and alcohol. Most clinics also schedule a meeting with a therapist, and they will ask a series of questions to gain knowledge about a person’s medical history and gain an understanding of their current mental status.

Medical Evaluation

After a patient is admitted, they will undergo a series of medical tests to determine if any life-threatening illnesses may exist. It is imperative for the person being treated display transparency about any medical conditions they may have. After gaining a brief understanding, a nurse will take a series of blood samples which will be used as a baseline and compared to future medical results.

Treatment Plan Formulation

Once a person’s health status is determined, the last step is the formulation of the treatment plan. Most will include information about the medical interventions that will be used during the detox period, and a breakdown of the various therapy and life skills classes that will be integrated into the program during their stay. Addiction affects people differently, so it is crucial to choose a company that offers customized services.

No one has to live a life that is controlled by drugs and alcohol. The medical professionals at Life Transformation Recovery have the tools and knowledge to help anyone take back their life. Call today to speak with a representative or visit their website to learn more about their unique approach to drug and alcohol treatment Arizona.