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Strange Gout Remedies you should Consider

Among the eight million Americans who are suffering from gout, the largest percentage is looking for the cure. Good news is that this disease can be treated from the comfort of your home. Some of these supplements can be used as a cure.

The good thing about celery seed extract is that it helps in decreasing the buildup of uric acid in the body. This seed contains many antioxidants and reduces inflammation. Celery can be taken raw or inform of juice throughout the day.

Gout patients can also use black cherry juice and cherry extracts to cure the symptoms. According to a certain research, treating gout patients with a combination of cherry extract and a gout medication reduces the risk of experiencing a gout attack. Cherry juice and celery have almost the same effect on the body.

The apple cider vinegar helps to treat ailments such as gout and also other conditions and health issues. If you are suffering from gout, you should consider taking one to two tablespoons of the vinegar diluted with water. With improved blood circulation, it becomes difficult for the uric acid to build up. With less weight, there will be little strain on the joints thus less pain. This juice can also be used as a topical treatment option.

Fish oil is considered as a good supplement because of this ability to prevent future gout attacks. As a result, pain and stiffness are decreased. To enjoy all these benefits, you do not have to go looking for fish oil supplement.

The anti-inflammatory properties in ginger and turmeric are the most important. If you desire to get the best out of ginger, take a small piece of each herb and put them in boiling water for around ten to fifteen minutes. A water and ginger paste can be used to prevent future gout attacks.

Magnesium is another supplement that can be used as a gout remedy. Just like any other supplements, it helps to decrease uric acid buildup.

You need to be aware of the best foods that you should consume on a daily basis. Gout patients should take foods that are rich in fiber to reduce the uric acid buildup. Every person should take enough water to flush out the uric acid.

Some of the foods such as refined carbohydrates and sodium cause swelling while others increase uric acid and liver toxicity. The food you take should not affect the performance of the gout supplements.

Treating gout at home is possible through the above methods. Do not hesitate to go to a hospital if you see that your joints are about red, warm and painful when touched. Apart from the supplements, gout pain can also be reduced using medications from the doctor.