Best Ways to Clear Urine Drug Tests

Some jobs require being sober and utterly aware of what you’re doing such as operating machinery or doing transportation jobs that could affect others as well as your health.

In case you’re on probation, you will have to pass urinalysis that will determine whether you have drug presence in your system or not.

Have in mind that this could be a stressful situation especially if you smoke weed occasionally because THC stays in your system much longer than other drugs.

Since most employee, drug tests can come randomly and as a surprise, you will have to find a way to pass a drug test so that you can remain an employee.

Apart from a urinalysis, the best way to find traces of THC compounds and other drug metabolites so that you can determine the long-term drug abuse is through hair follicle drug test. You should check out the website like Drug Testing Hair Follicles so that you can determine how to pass with ease.

It doesn’t matter what the reasons for conducting a drug test, because you have to plan it thoroughly based on your next test that you have to pass are.

How Long Does Cannabis Stay in Your Urine?

The marijuana stays longest in your body, and everything depends on the frequency of smoking as well as other factors. For instance, you will need typically between 30 to 45 days, but if you are a massive, daily smoker, the time can exceed 45 days.

You can remove it more comfortable if you are an occasional smoker that does it once in a month. Another critical factor that affects the chances of passing urinalysis is your eating regiment and exercise.

Since some foods are high in fat, and THC is fat soluble, it means that metabolites will remain in … Read More..